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The Process

Anyone who volunteers for three or more events or festivals and completes the Human Rights and Equity training with participating member organizations during the VAACT term is eligible to attend the VAACT ceremony held on International Volunteer Day. Please know that the VAACT term runs from November 1 to October 31 each year.

Volunteers must meet the minimum requirements for each organization's volunteer program and be in good standing.

Toronto Volunteers are integral to the success of our Cultural Hubs and Events. VAACT is committed to improving our collaborative processes to better support the needs of our volunteer community. Offering ongoing online learning modules is a step toward streamlining the multiple trainings Toronto Volunteers undertake when participating in a variety of Toronto Events & Festivals throughout the year. The purpose of these modules is to help support our community’s growing consideration and comprehension of equity and inclusion through key definitions and scenarios.

Participating Members 

**PLEASE NOTE: The VAACT term runs November 1 through to October 31.  Meaning volunteer service with Reel Asian Film Festival and Harbourfront Centre will be credited towards the following year's VAACT contribution.

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