The Process

Anyone who volunteers for four or more events or festivals with participating member organizations during the VAACT term is eligible to attend the VAACT ceremony held on International Volunteer Day. Please know that the current VAACT term runs from November 1, 2019 to October 31, 2020.

Volunteers must meet the minimum requirements for each organization's volunteer program and be in good standing.

After successfully completing the minimum requirements for each event, you can expect an email from VAACT with a virtual stamp confirming your service with that event. Once you've collected four stamps, you will be eligible to attend the awards ceremony. 


All volunteers are responsible for;

  • Understanding the minimum requirements for each event, and following each organization's volunteer programme policies including: application process, completing shift minimums, adhering to cancellation deadlines, etc.

  • Familiarizing themselves with all important deadlines as outlined by VAACT and each participating organization.

  • Ensuring the same name, email address and postal address is used for all organizations they volunteer for. This is essential for tracking volunteer service across all events.


All participating organizations are responsible for;

  • Informing volunteers of the minimum requirements and qualifications for each event.

  • Ensuring volunteers receive their VAACT stamp within four weeks after the completion of the event.

  • Guaranteeing the security and privacy of volunteer information.

  • Keeping volunteers informed of Arts and Culture opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area.


We are committed to ensuring all eligible volunteers wishing to participate with VAACT are contacted in a timely manner. To do this we ask that volunteers assist us by adhering to the following timelines.

  • VAACT will send the virtual stamp to all qualified volunteers four weeks after the conclusion of the completed event. Please know that this email will come from and may end up in your junkmail. Be sure to check before contacting the organization.

  • Volunteers who have met the minimum requirements for an event, but have not received a stamp after four weeks, must contact the organization within six weeks from the event end date for a correction. For example, New Year's Eve ends January 1, so you have until February 12 to contact the City Cultural Events for any corrections. 

  • As of October 31, 2020 no additions or adjustments can be made to the final list of volunteer participants.

  • In mid-November VAACT will email the invitation to the awards ceremony to eligible volunteers.

  • Volunteers must R.S.V.P for the awards ceremony by the deadline as outlined by VAACT.

Minimum Requirements

Volunteers must not have any no-shows on their record to meet the minimum requirements for all participating VAACT organizations.


December 31, 2019

Minimum Requirements:

One (1) full shift

Doors Open Toronto logo

May 23-24, 2020

Minimum Requirements:

10 hours of volunteer service

Pride Toronto logo

June 26-28, 2020

Minimum Requirements:

Two (2) Festival shifts

TIFF logo

September 10-20, 2020

Minimum Requirements:

Four (4) Festival shifts

Harbourfront Centre Logo - Black

May to September 2020

Minimum Requirements:

24 hours of volunteer service

Hot Docs logo

April 30-May 10, 2020

Minimum Requirements:

Four (4) Festival shifts

Luminato Logo (2020).png

June 11-28, 2020 

Minimum Requirements:

Three (3) Festival shifts


July 1, 2020

Minimum Requirements:

One (1) full shift

Nuit Blanche Toronto logo

October 3, 2020

Minimum Requirements:

12 hours of volunteer service

Inside Out logo

May 21-31, 2020

Minimum Requirements:

Three (3) Festival shifts

Arts in the Parks logo

June to September 2020

Minimum Requirements:

Three (3) shifts over the summer

Toronto Fringe logo

July 1-12, 2020

Minimum Requirements:

Four (4) Festival shifts

ImagineNative Logo (cropped for 2020).pn

2020 Dates TBA

Minimum Requirements:

Two (2) Festival shifts


2020 Dates TBA**

Minimum Requirements:

Two (2) Festival shifts

Logo Cropped.png

March 23-29, 2020

Minimum Requirements:

Two (2) Canadian Screen Week shifts

Cavalcade of Lights logo

2020 Date TBA**

Minimum Requirements:

One (1) full shift

**PLEASE NOTE: The VAACT term runs November 1 through to October 31.  Meaning volunteer service with Cavalcade of Lights - City of Toronto, Reel Asian Film Festival, Day of the Dead - Harbourfront Centre, and/or Festival Cool - Harbourfront Centre in 2020 will be credited towards your 2021 VAACT contribution.